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Entrepreneur Manifesto 18" x 24" Poster
Entrepreneur Manifesto 18" x 24" Poster

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Unframed 18" x 24" Poster

Entrepreneurs like you make the world turn. Take life into their own hands. Follow their hearts. Envision brilliant possibilities. Solve problems while others whine about them.

Now declare your passion for entrepreneurship to the world with the Entrepreneur Manifesto poster from Life Manifestos.

The typographic 18" x 24" poster can be framed and hung in your home or office.

Complete Manifesto Text

"I see how things are and dream, wide-eyed, of how things could be. I cherish innovation as a noble purpose. While politicians pander, bureaucrats bully, and academics theorize, I relentlessly produce. I make the world better, brighter, happier. The status quo is my enemy. I suspect tradition, reject conformity, loathe mediocrity. I am proud to be a pioneer, renegade, idealist, visionary. I do not sell out to safety nets and benefits. Time clocks make me shudder. I refuse to play by rules imposed by others. I am not a cog in another man’s machine. The riskiest life is playing it safe, cowering in the darkness of squandered potential, shackled by golden handcuffs. Shoulders squared and head held high, I boldly choose the risk of freedom over the certain bondage of security. Life’s only guarantee is my freedom to choose my responses to circumstances. I put my money on guts over brains, tenacity over talent. I do not take counsel from my fears. Fiercely, resolutely, I beat my drum and tread my path toward my North Star. I am an entrepreneur."

© Copyright Life Manifestos, LLC. All rights reserved. Written by Stephen Palmer.

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